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Containers and closures secondary and tertiary packaging, across your packaging value chain from design through to recycling.

Packaging Optimization & Zero Based Design

  • containers and closures, secondary and tertiary packaging

  • optimization of the end-to-end supply chain

We understand in depth, packaging materials, machinery and cost models which delivers stretching yet feasible and timely solutions. We create solutions that work across your packaging value chain from design through to recycling.

Packaging For The Future_Packaging
Packaging For The Future_Packaging
Packaging For The Future_Packaging White Bottles

Dispensers Development

Within the world of sustainable packaging, one method we have employed with much success is the creation of novel dispensers.


Electronic dispensers for hand sanitizers and a new form of fold-able, plastic water-dispensing vessels are some of the devices we have worked on to provide clients their happy triple bottom line (people, planet and profit).

A non - electronic dispenser can combine a low plastic consumable with a premium reusable base; while an electronic dispenser might be programmable and "smart" (think fridges that order new groceries themselves). 


If you'd like to see about how we might implement dispensers (electronic or non-electronic) for your project, we'd be happy to chat. 

Packaging For The Future_Dispenser

Electronic Devices Innovation

Electronic gadgets that work with FMCG consumables are the kind of electronic devices we work with. Electricity brings energy, intelligence, and connectivity to FMCG products. 

Packaging for the future_electronic device

We can help you with the development of the following types of devices:

  • Diagnostic devices and digital services: Help your customers identify problems and measure progress. Build one-on-one relationships with the consumers. Promote your products in a tailored manner.

  • Handheld treatment devices: solve day-to-day consumer problems much more effectively than consumables alone can.

  • Mixing, dispensing and vending solutions: in-home as well as out-of-home.

  • Appliances: The next generation of domestic appliances that work with FMCG consumables

Cost Optimization

We consistently deliver not only on sustainable solutions in the most innovative ways, but ensure cost optimization on your packaging projects too. 

Improvements in costs sometimes come from from the packaging raw materials, labor and where appropriate, or potentially anywhere along the supply chain. 


Whether it is from zero-based, physics calculations leading to lowering in the use of the raw materials, other inventory reduction, costs associated with handling, pallet filling, freight, or wastage, there are many ways you will find cost reduction comes up when you aim at sustainability in your packaging. 


We have already saved clients tens of millions of dollars. See what we could do for you. 

Cost optimization

Strategic Influencing Workshops

After working on a project optimization plan as per a client's needs we may hand it over to them for the implementation. In other cases it makes more sense for us to help with the plan  as it is put into action.


Hand holding, guiding, running workshops to get the whole team up to speed on the new direction that the plan has created and generally assisting with ensuring things move smoothly.


The provision of such focused project management, free from your other day to day operational responsibilities allows for not only a strong start, but a project finish with the results that the theory expected.  

A lot of what we do is brilliant in theory, this service ensures it is brilliant in reality too, in your hands and your bottom line. 

Support for project implementation

Workshops on Behavioural Strengths and Culture

In our experience with helping large sustainability packaging projects in various ways, we have found that intercultural training has been very helpful. 

This began when we introduced a cost saving factor into the supply chain of a large French company. This factor was sourced in Italy, and despite both being in Europe the two players had cultural differences that were going to throw a spanner in the works for the project. 

Luckily, Packaging for the Future had the intercultural experience required to train the teams through their differences and the project ran smoothly.


Since then our inter-cultural workshops have proved a valuable asset to clients making new global connections on their sustainable packaging journey. Packaging resources in large organizations have great functional and technical skills but often lack the level of strategic influence required to drive decisions in the organization.

Workshops on Behavioural Strengths and Culture


At the heart of everything we do is a drive towards sustainability. Our expertise and our ethics naturally take us there. It just makes sense. 

In 2015 the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations as a universal call to action to end poverty and protect the planet. They UN aimed ambitiously that by 2030, thanks to these aims, all people will enjoy peace and prosperity. 

Packaging for the Future is already making a dent in the world's efforts on these goals. 

In all our projects, we take a triple bottom line approach: people, planet and profit, and we do it well. 

Check out our case studies for more insight into how we work. 

Sustainable Goals
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