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Some of our amazing clients include 

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We work with:

  • Brand-owners(FMCG, Pharma)
  • Converters,
  • Retailers,
  • Packaging industry bodies

Our customers have often bought into the need for delivering sustainable packaging for their brands. However they may be finding it difficult to drive the step changes necessary for complete and scalable solutions; that reduce the environmental impact of packaging and the associated costs, while also driving profitable brand growth. 

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Case Studies
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Case Study 1
Discover how we helped a global leader in Home Care, Personal Care and Food achieve huge reduction in plastics in their portfolio and the associated savings while maintaining/improving consumer preference.

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Case Study 2

Discover how we collaborated with one of the world’s largest  beverages companies in developing premium devices for flavouring, carbonating and dispensing beverages while reducing single use plastic bottles.

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